Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't Make Me Think (3) - The Trunk Test

Another cool idea from Steve Krug's book: The Trunk Test.

"Imagine that you've been blindfolded and locked in the trunk of a car, then driven around for a while and dumped on a page somewhere deep in the bowels of a Web site. If the page is well designed, when your vision clears you should be able to answer these questions without hesitation: What site is this? (Site ID) What page am I on? (Page name) What are the major sections of this site? (Sections) What are my options at this level? (Local navigation) Where am I in the scheme of things? ('You are here' indicators--breadcrumbs) How can I search? (Search)"

1. Choose a page anywhere in the site at random, and print it.

2. Hold it at arm's length or squint so you can't really study it closely.

3. As quickly as possible, try to find and circle the following:

  • Site ID
  • Page name
  • Sections
  • Local navigation
  • "You are here" indicators
  • Search

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