Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't Make Me Think (4) - Home page

  • According to Krug, there are several things that a homepage must accommodate:

1. Site identity and mission (homepage must tell me what site this is and what it's for)

2. Site hierarchy (overview of what the site has to offer, including content--"What can I find here?"--and features--"What can I do here")

3. Search (most sites need to have prominently displayed search box on homepage)

4. Content promos (spotlight the newest, best, or most popular pieces of content, like top stories and hot deals)

5. Feature promos (invite me to explore additional sections of the site or try out new features)

6. Timely content (if site depends on me coming back often, home page needs to have content that gets updated frequently)

7. Short cuts (most frequently requested pieces of content may deserve their own links)

8. Registration (links for new users to register, old ones to sign in, and welcome message if I'm already signed in)

See the example of YouTube's homepage:

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